Develop was my reaction to the over saturation of the current photographic world. I think that we’ve reached a point in time, where not only in photography, but in all sorts of crafts and habits we are desperate for deceleration. Something that enables us to experience in a manner that enables sensory relevance. A haptic approach. The touch of paper, the smell of wood and the feeling of craftsmanship.

Analogue photography forces you to think, slow down, to be a master of your craft. Mistakes are predestined to happen, but exactly that is the beauty of it. You are constantly reacting and experiencing things for the first time -- I crave the connection to the canvas and the manipulation of the medium. Developing your own films and working in the darkroom to make real silver gelatin prints is always a first time experience, no matter how often you've done it.

Eventually, you come to the conclusion that the way you look at things matters. The way you react matters. This analytical approach of choosing the right developer, finding the right frame, learning to read light with your eyes and trusting your senses in an intuitive way has changed approach to my life.

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